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Dear Brad, The move has just ended and I wish to comment on it, I would also appreciate if you'd be able to forward my email to the right channels as excellent job should be acknowledge. The move was easy and quick as the movers were polite, friendly, efficient and proffesionals. My motorbike was handled properly. I am very content with the service I have been receiving from Across Canada, a service that started with the most wonderful personal customer services I have received from you Brad. My only hope is that the movers who bring my stuff to Toronto will be as a delight as the ones from today. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend. Hana Blutrich

Hana Blutrich, On 2014-06-13, 2:07 PM


Dear Friends : I would like to thank you for the wonderful services that I have received from Across Canada. If there was a grading schedule on your services, I would give your company a A+++ !!! Your staff has always been courteous and helpful in all my inquiries by phone from the beginning. Also carry out and pick up of my belonging were efficiently treated from your truck drivers and delivered with no worries. Thank You again, I am very satisfied with the service that I have received from your company. It is great to work with people who know what they are doing.

Alma Polanco, On 2014-03-30, 10:35 PM


Dear Across Canada Moving

I had a healthy skepticism towards all of the big moving companies, after numerous misadventures in my childhood moving experiences, 
but I had the recent good recommendation of my parents for Across Canada Van Lines to go by. Before I even started making calls, 
I checked on-line with the local Better Business Bureau - the company had the highest ranking, which further increased my confidence in them.

Starting with my very first call to them, I knew that this was the company to go with. I talked with several other companies, 
both locally-owned and those affiliated with the other major van lines that had companies in our area. the company's rep was unfailingly pleasant, polite, helpful, and even humorous.

The representative showed up when he said he would to give us an estimate, and he was in every way professional, knowledgeable, and unbelievably helpful. But the rep was not daunted, and spent extra time with me just to reassure me that this was not an insurmountable task. He gave me 
a rough verbal estimate on the spot, along with a great deal of helpful information about making moving day go smoothly, and his experienced professionalism did a lot to make me feel better about the whole enterprise. The itemized written estimate came promptly in the mail, exactly 
when he said it would, and this further bolstered my confidence in the company.

Several phone calls to our unfailingly pleasant, cheerful phone contact person followed; our questions were always answered with a positive, 
empathetic, "can-do" attitude that made working with the company a reassuring experience rather than the nightmare of confusion & rudeness 
that I'd heard about from acquaintances who had dealt with other companies.

They showed up exactly when they said they would, and they worked like friends.

The speed and strength with which they loaded & unloaded our tons of stuff was absolutely dizzying, yet they were careful and considerate. 
No tossing of boxes or furniture. No indiscriminate dumping. They even put down floor protectors! 
And they provided a good dose of moving-man humor for free!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this moving company to anybody in the area they serve.

Rajinder Singh, Nov 2012





Richmond Baptist Church Testimonial for Across Canada Moving


" We just wanted thank for the fantastic service and the smooth moving experience that Across Canada provided us.

We recently moved from Edmonton, AB to Victoria BC. From the very beginning, our consultant David answered all our questions with patience in a timely manner, and provided quick resolution and updates due to plan changes. On the moving day, Mehmet and Kevin worked around 10 hours straight, finished packing and wrapping all our stuff. Then Mehmet and CJ delivered the furniture to Victoria. They three are skilled, professional and hard workers. With their professional service, our moving turned out to be a smooth and a easy one for us. Both furniture and car were picked up and delivered as scheduled, and with no damage. Particularly, for our convenience, Don even met us at the car rental place to deliver our car when we returned the rental car.

We really appreciated the great service from the beginning to the end of our moving, and from everyone who helped us. We chose Across Canada due to the great online reviews we read, and we were very satisfied. If we move again, we will contact Across Canada and will definitely recommend it to our friends. Please forward our compliments and greetings to David, Mehmet, Kevin, CJ and Don. THANK YOU, Across Canada! "

Jesus and Vivian


" Hello, I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the services I received from Across Canada Van Lines. From the initial promt emails about the price quote to the delivery of my belongings. The driver who came by was Ed (Erdogan). He was very pleasant and fantastic to deal with. Every thing was done in a very timely & professional manner. I have & will continue to give nothing but good feedback regarding my experience with you. I posted on my Facebook how great the service was & recommended your company on my page (1,045 friends). I've added all the information into my contact information here where I'll be contacting you again for my move back to Vancouver when I head back home.

Again, THANKS for the FANTASTIC service & please....give ED lots of compliments from me....he surely deserves it! "

Marnie Payne, Vancouver, BC to Gimli, MB


" We recently used Across Canada Van Lines to move a family member from South Surrey to Richmond, BC. Although moving can be a very stressfull experience, Across Canada Van Lines certainly was a large part in helping to make this move easy and stress free. The three movers were friendly, helpful and careful with cherished possessions. A most positive experience and we would highly recommend them."

Joni and Erin


" I wanted to let you know about the service I received from everyone at your company when moving my home from Vancouver, BC. to Toronto, ON. On the day we moved, I had four of the most wonderful movers that I have ever seen. These guys worked so well together and have a great sense of humor. During all of this, they were always smiling and very helpful.

Most customers just want good service for a fair price. Something a lot of places have forgotten. Across Canada Van Lines and all the people that work there provide that kind of great service. I have and will continue to recommend your company for anyone that needs a superior moving company. Your group of employees were all great. Thank you very much for good work. "

Jim Sterling


" I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service that your company provided me with. All of your employees were not only professional and capable, but also courteous, friendly, compassionate and helpful during an exceptionally stress move. My stress free move started in Burnaby, BC through Hamilton, ON. Thank you guys! I can’t thank you enough."

Lucy Yeoun


" Thank You Across Canada Van Lines for providing me with an honest on-site estimate, great move and a quick delivery. My move completed last week and the movers were great. I moved from San Francisco, CA to Montreal, QC, and my salesman was exceptional at educating me as to what to expect during my move. I would definitely use them again."

Karen-Thomas Miller


" I'm very pleased with your service. Follow up phone calls, confirmation letter, confirmation phone call the day before and flexibility with scheduling. Very professional and pleased with myself that I went with your company. Many thanks."

Melissa Talbot


I have moved several times and honestly this was the best and easiest move ever, because of ACVL. I was very impressed with the two gentlemen who moved my furniture. They were very careful and nothing was damaged in any way. I would definitely use Across Canada Van Lines again and also refer this company to my friends.

Christopher Gales


I'm writing to let you know how pleased I am with the services of Across Canada Van Lines. From the beginning communication with Robert, through the pick-up in Toronto and delivery of my goods in Edmonton, it was an excellent experience. The move was very efficient and courteous. Thank you very much for making my move easy and smooth.

Rita Karr


" I would like you to know that I was very happy with the service, the timely communication between us and the professionalism of the movers. They were helpful and very fast. Lots of thanks to your crew and employees."

Lynn False


" Across Canada Van Lines moved my mom and I from Calgary, Alberta to Quebec City, QC. I have to say the service was excellent and we could not be more happy. I’m proud to say your crew handled the whole process as consummate professionals, as dedicated and honest people and we respect them and their skills. My mom and I want to extend to you and your team our thanks for a job well done."

Christi Taylor



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