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Across Canada Van Lines began as a small, local business. The company quickly became known for its exceptional service and with increased demand, expanded into the Long Distance, Commercial, and Storage areas of the Moving Industry. With a forecasted goal in mind and a drive to provide the best service possible ACVL quickly became a nationwide carrier of household goods, office furniture and high value products.

Motivated to provide the best quality service we can, ACVL strives to meet all of our customers' needs. We are committed to consistently providing a high quality of service unmatched by those of industry standards. We work hard to assure that each and every shipment handled by Across Canada Van Lines will be controlled and monitored to the satisfaction of our customer. This is our commitment nationwide, and is the foundation of our services today.

It is the continuing goal of ACVL to establish and maintain beneficial relationships with our clients and with the local communities in which we operate. We are excited about our future as we continue to add proven professionals to the strong family of Across Canada Van Lines. We focus on providing in-depth training so that our movers are well versed in every aspect of the moving process. We look forward to the next opportunity to demonstrate our professionalism to you.

Across Canada Van Lines exists because of relationships. And because we operate as a family of moving professionals, we are among the best in North America. From the beginning of your move to its completion, you will receive the ACVL Advantage.

Contact us today and experience first-hand our wide range of moving services including Residential Moving (Home & Apartment Moving), International Moving (USA and Overseas), Office & Commercial Moving, Special Products Moving, and Climate Controlled Storage Services. For a stress-free, efficient move, trust ACVL as your moving company. The ACVL Advantage cannot be matched by other moving companies, and our wide range of moving services can be tailor fit to meet your needs. Our global network ensures that no matter where you're going, ACVL can get you there.

Let Across Canada Van Lines " Move you towards your dreams".
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